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Ipswich Homes is, as the name suggests, a real estate website for Ipswich. It was designed specifically for Ipswich, Massachusetts with community in mind. The goal is to provide information and resources relevant to current and potential residents. 

We wanted to offer a resource that’s actually built for Ipswich and by someone familiar with Ipswich. There’s a lot of information out there from national non-local companies… and it shows. Ipswich Homes will forever be a small site, but it will also forever be centered around Ipswich. 

By only focusing on Ipswich, it allows us to answer any possible questions in depth and truly understand the market we work in. 


Behind the Website

Ipswich Homes centers itself around Ipswich, but it’s powered and backed by the best local brokerage and real estate team. Continue reading to see a bit more of who we are and a look behind the brand.


We’re focused on building a brand around Ipswich promoting the many things that it has to offer & from the perspective of a local resident


We’re under the brokerage umbrella of Bentley’s, the #1 office in Greater Newburyport based on sales volume (data per MLS pin)


Teamed up with Tina Tzortzis and Erin Lane of Rowley & Ipswich respectively to provide local expertise with a concierge approach to your next move 

Joe Luciano Ipswich Homes

Joe Luciano


Joe Luciano is a Realtor® with the Tzortzis Lane Real Estate Group at Bentley’s and the owner of Ipswich.Homes

Ipswich Homes was created by Joe Luciano, a lifelong Rowley resident. Joe has always been an entrepreneur as he built his first website at 12, started several small businesses, and taught himself how to trade and invest in the stock market. He brings those skills and experiences as Realtor® to help clients navigate what is often the largest and most important financial transaction of their life.

“Ipswich to me is the cornerstone of the Northshore and truly offers something for everyone: gorgeous beaches, a vibrant downtown, with a small town feel” 

Why Work With Us?

When it comes to selecting a real estate agent to help you either buy or sell, many will simply ask a friend or their neighbor who they’ve used in the past. While we’d love it if you mentioned us to your neighbors, we’re truly committed to providing an elevated experience to ensure that the buying/selling process goes as smoothly as possible. 


Where are you located ?

Although Ipswich Homes itself doesn’t have a physical location, feel free to visit the Tzortzis Lane office at 4B Elm St, right in the heart of downtown Ipswich!

Why Only Ipswich ?

By focusing on just Ipswich, we’re able to provide a level of depth that nobody else can. We’re also able to center our marketing around a very specific target audience.

Is Ipswich Homes a broker ?

Ipswich Homes is not a real estate brokerage & does not directly handle the sales of real estate, however; it’s owner, Joe Luciano is a licensed Realtor with broker: Bentley’s 

Who should I contact ?

Contact Joe Luciano by phone or email any time (978) 471-0035 or joe@bentleysrealestate.com

how much is my home worth ?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for us to accurately guess the value of your home without seeing it in person. We’d encourage you to ignore any auto generated number online & give us a call and we’d be happy to come by regardless of if you’re selling!

What's the first step in the process ?

Call, text, or email Joe! He’ll take it from there!

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