Ipswich MA Real Estate in 2023 (Best of North Shore)

Ipswich MA Real Estate

2022 vs 2021 (YoY)

The average sale price for single family homes in 2022 was $842,453 which is up from $828,120 in 2021 (<2% increase). There was; however, a near 14% increase on the average sale price per square foot of single families to $384/square foot from $337 per square foot

As for the 2022 average sale price for condos in Ipswich, it was $666,472 which is up from $587,535 in 2021, an increase of over 13%. On top of that, there was an over 17% increase in average sale price per square foot, going from $326 to $381 per square foot.

Ipswich saw a total of 119 single family sales in 2022, which is the exact same as the year before, a 0% change. The total number of condo sales was 62 up from 55, overall a pretty level year for Ipswich for both single family homes and condos. 

Ipswich MA Real Estate As of January 2023

Currently there are 11 single family listings and 5 condo listings as of creating this video.

Of what’s currently active, 3 of the single families are new and one of the condos is new- the other have been active for at least a few weeks. Check out our constantly updated Ipswich MA real estate market report!

A lot of what’s out there is New Construction like Farm Village on Dow Brook Circle, or The new 55+ Community on Primrose Lane which has been inflating the average sales price of the MLS data in both the single family and condo numbers in the Ipswich MA real estate market.

Ipswich is one of those the towns with a lower turnover in the area- calculated by taking the total number of sales and dividing by the number of households

181 total sales out of 5,573 households per the US Census comes out to a 3.25% Turnover rate

As I had mentioned earlier, there’s been a decent amount of new construction in Ipswich so in calculating turnover- a new construction sale isn’t exactly as the name suggests a ‘turnover’ as there was nothing in its place prior.

To get a more accurate measure of the people selling their home in Ipswich, I went through and picked out the New construction sales (there were 37, 30 of those condos!) which brings the turnover rate down to about 2.6% which is more realistic to the picture of Ipswich

From what I’ve seen, There’s a lot of people that live in Ipswich & not a lot of people that want to leave, which I think speaks highly of what it’s like living in Ipswich

Living in Ipswich

That’s a nice transition to what it’s like living in Ipswich and some of the highlights of Ipswich 

Things to Do

Crane Estate Ipswich

Crane Estate (Crane Beach)

You have the Crane Estate and Crane Beach which is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in the North East- which residents of Ipswich enjoy getting a sticker pass at a discounted rate

Castle Hill of course, part of the Crane Estate is a 59k Square foot mansion with rolling hills looking out over the Atlantic Ocean

On Thursdays in the Summer, they usually have picnic concerts which are always a good time!

Appleton Farms Ipswich MA Real Estate

Marini Farm, Russell Orchard, Appleton Farms

There’s also a number of farms and farm stands in Ipswich. You have Marini, Russell Orchards, Appleton Farm & of course the Northern Lights Farm Stand!

Each having their own signature, Marini has their corn maze in the fall, Russell Orchards is where you’d go to pick your own apples, Appleton Farms is managed by the trustees & one of the oldest continuously operating farms in America

Clam Box

Notably in Ipswich you also have the Clam Box which is nationally recognized landmark Not to mention their top tier fried seafood

Pavilion Beach

You also have Pavilion Beach which is located near Great Neck park, Pavilion is a free option  It is however, resident parking only on weekends and holidays which is another benefit to being an Ipswich Resident

Ipswich Country Club & Turner Hill

In Ipswich there’s also both the Ipswich Country Club and the Golf Club at Turner Hill, each with an 18 hole course and plenty of amenities for their members to enjoy


That definitely doesn’t cover everything in Ipswich as I had more I wanted to hit, but it was actually overwhelming how many significant places and things to do there are in Ipswich 

I’ll definitely do a more in depth video on things to do in Ipswich down the line so subscribe to channel for that

So far I’ve covered a few of the things in Ipswich, but I haven’t really gone into what it’s like actually living in Ipswich

The atmosphere of Ipswich is generally peaceful and quaint. There’s a mix of small town friendliness and a sense of history and tradition. 

One thing I’ve noticed from my years living in the neighboring town: Rowley, is that there’s this sense of community that comes with living in Ipswich where everyone just seems to know everyone


Ipswich is on the North Shore next to Essex, Hamilton, Topsfield, Boxford, and Rowley. 

It’s of course a coastal town being right on the ocean with its beaches and salt marshes

Waterfront property can be found on Great Neck and Little Neck which is connected by Pavilion beach 

Ipswich isn’t directly off of 95, you’d have to go through either Rowley or Boxford. It does have Route 1 however so that’s probably your best bet for getting into Boston

There is a commuter Rail Stop in Ipswich so you do have that option as well

Moving to Ipswich

If you’re thinking of moving to Ipswich MA, it’s a really great location to raise a family, or retire to per all of what we’ve mentioned so far. There’s most of what you need available right in town making it pretty convenient.


People that live in Ipswich or have lived in Ipswich for a decent amount of time tend to stay in Ipswich! I recall doing showings before for people that grew up in Ipswich & after some time wanted to move back to raise a family of their own.


Ultimately it comes down to your price point & what’s important to you so if Ipswich is a town you might be interested in moving to: Reach out & let’s chat! Despite the relatively high average sales prices, there are certainly opportunities to get into the Ipswich MA real estate market at a much lower price point.

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